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I heard about somebody who gave birth to twins when she was 49 years old.

My OB/GYN said pregnancy was possible until approximately 50 years old, depending on the person.

I guess it does not happen a lot, because most people of that age don't want babies anymore.

But, if they would try, there might be more.

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Image: Acupuncture and IVF: Increase IVF Success by 40-60%, by Lifang Liang. Publisher: Blue Poppy Press (August 2003)
Acupuncture and IVF: Increase IVF Success by 40-60%
by Lifang Liang

-- The information in this book can increase your success rate with in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other assisted reproductive technologies (ART) by as much as 60%.

Research has shown that acupuncture alone can increase the success rate of IVF by 35%.

By also adding Chinese herbal medicine, it is Dr. Lifang Liangs experience that you can almost double that increase.

In this book, Dr. Liang describes her extremely successful step-by-step protocols for combining acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine with IVF.

Whether you are a Western MD specializing in infertility, a Chinese medical practitioner, or a couple experiencing difficulties in conceiving, this book is sure to give you new hope and a new approach to dealing with this all too common and difficult condition.

📚 Paperback: 224 pages
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Just to let all you hopefuls out there that this does happen!

Women can frequently become pregnant after their 40s and 50s but can struggle to sustain their pregnancy due to lack of hormones and health-related complications, such as blood pressure problems, etc.

When there is a problem with menses, often their OB/GYN gives progesterone to promote sloughing of the lining of the uterus; this may also slough off an early embryo.

Being a nurse, I never assume anymore a woman over 50 years old isn't pregnant, as the last call I received was from a 56-year-old woman who sustained a pregnancy unassisted in any way.

She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, with no complications at all.

She even had a natural birth, with no medical assistance!

Take Charge of Your Fertility (Teach Yourself)
by Heather Welford

-- Explains everything the prospective parent may need to know as they face the physical, emotional and practical challenges of trying for a baby.

It covers health issues in full, from basic biology and an explanation of fertility and cycles to outlining what supplements are useful and what isn't, and how you can maximize your chances by following a healthy diet and cutting alcohol or nicotine intake.

There are plenty of resources and guidelines for parents facing difficulties, including a guide to the medical options, and advice on how to seek further help.

It will help couples to deal with the emotional issues faced when trying for a baby, and will also give practical information on who you should tell and who you must tell, and when.

With coverage of all aspects of very early pregnancy, from do-it-yourself tests to the very first scan, it will be a useful resource that will help all prospective parents, whether looking to start or to expand their family.

📚 Paperback: 192 pages
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When women are older and start skipping a few periods, it’s only natural to assume menopause is knocking on the door.

Even though the chances of women falling pregnant naturally over 40 are less, it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen – even if you’ve stopped getting your period.

There are so many women who get naturally pregnant in their 43, 44, 45th year... and even older than that!

Just yesterday, my husband told me about a sister of one of his acquaintances.

She got pregnant for the very first time at 48 years old, when she was thought to be in menopause.

Now that baby is a wonderful girl 12 years old!

You just never know...

45 and Pregnant
45 and Pregnant: How I Conceived and Delivered Naturally
by Liz Angeles

-- A three-part journey that begins with a 44-year-old single woman with no prospects, leading quickly to a middle-aged pregnancy.

Her fears and worries about childbirth with her historically low pain threshold were later transformed by her decision to have a home water birth with no drugs and her success story that involved no complications.

Beginning with a serendipitous love story that led to the sudden pregnancy and concluding with the family events that transpired beyond the delivery, Liz Angeles provides a plethora of information for anyone considering a natural birth.

Her comical memoir spanning a 5-year period includes many healthy pregnancy tips and natural parenting options.

Her revealing details and personal choices promise to educate, entertain and inspire.

📚 Paperback: 222 pages
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Right now, on another fertility forum I read, there are currently about sixteen women who are pregnant and all are over 40 years old.

Of those women, one woman is 44 years old - pregnant with IVF [in vitro fertilization], but using her own eggs.

She will be 45 years old when she delivers her baby.

Four of these women are 45 years old - all are natural pregnancies - conceived with their own eggs, no medical assistance.

Two of those women are pregnant wwith their very first pregnancy ever!

One woman is 47 years old. She says it was a surprise pregnancy, they were not even trying to get pregnant.

In fact, she thought she was going into menopause.

Remember, these pregnancies are ALL with their own eggs.

Eat, Love, Get Pregnant: A Couple's Guide To Boosting Fertility and Having A Healthy Baby
by Karen Daniels

-- A breakthrough revolutionary plan for getting pregnant fast, solving common fertility problems and having a healthy baby – this is NOT your average book on getting pregnant!

Renowned fertility expert Dr. Niels Lauersen and women’s wellness expert Colette Bouchez help readers take charge of their fertility with a revolutionary new self-help plan designed to show couples how to work together to boost their conception odds, plan for a healthy pregnancy, and get pregnant faster – all without the use of expensive fertility treatments or medications.

Based on scientific research and tested on thousands of couples Eat-Love- GET PREGNANT is a simple yet revolutionary plan that provides the quintessential missing link absent from most other fertility programs – namely, the importance of not only boosting both male and female fertility simultaneously, but bold new evidence showing how, when couples work together in certain special and unique ways, they can create a unified fertility power boost strong enough to take them from infertile to fertile in as little as three months

📚 Paperback: 116 pages
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I am 44 years old and 30 weeks and 2 days pregnant with my first child, a little boy.

I will be 45 years old when he is born.

I was not my intention to do it this late, but I did not meet my husband until age 39 and we married at age 41 (he was 10 days shy of his 44th birthday).

We decided to wait a year before trying to conceive just to settle in as a married couple, get to know each other, and to save enough to get a house.

After that, we tried and were unsuccessful for 1 1/2 years. I was tested and he was tested.

My tests came back normal, but his sperm count results were slightly low.

Although he has daughter (now 20 years old) from a previous marriage, they think it was due to a large varicose vein on one of his testicles - plus the blood pressure meds he is now taking.

His doctor wanted to do surgery but we said no, and decided if God did not give us a baby of our own within the next few months then we would just adopt.

We did not want to do IVF [in vitro fertilization] since it is so costly (neither of our insurances covers it).

Plus we have moral issues with it.

In April of 2006, I discovered I was pregnant. We were overjoyed and told everyone.

Then at the end of the eighth week, I started spotting.

I ended up having a miscarriage at week nine due to a blighted ovum, which was one of the most painful things (more emotional than physical) I have ever experienced in my adult life.

The most painful was having to tell everyone since we told everyone we knew about the pregnancy.

Some were sympathetic and supportive but others said some well-meaning but insensitive things.

I was often reminded of my age and told not to get my hopes up to high.

One woman even had the audacity to say I told you so.

I did not have a D+C and bled for 2 1/2 weeks.

After that, I went through two dry weeks and had another very strange, very heavy 3 day period.

Then in August 2006, I found out I was pregnant again.

Since I was already seven weeks along by the time I got to the OB/GYN it must have happened in July which was less than 2 months after the miscarriage.

Now we are at 7.5 months and, according to the ultrasound, the baby is perfectly good and healthy.

All other tests checked out normal also.

I would love to do a home birth but hubby is against it, so we have just finished Bradley natural birth classes, have turned in a birth plan.

If all goes well and there are no complications, we plan to do a hospital birth au natural - with no drugs.

Image: Ovulation Diet: Trying To Conceive By Eating Fertility Boosting Foods Eating To Get Pregnant Guide | Paperback: 24 pages | by Dana Tebow. Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 28, 2012)
Ovulation Diet
Ovulation Diet: Trying To Conceive By Eating Fertility Boosting Foods Eating To Get Pregnant Guide
by Dana Tebow

-- This book is just what you need if you are having trouble getting pregnant. Dana's book provides all the well-meaning advice you could find.

But do not be fooled by the kind manner in which she presents her advice, because this book is filled with the fruitage of many months of careful research.

Dana begins with the basics of explaining what ovulation is. This is the most crucial aspect of understanding how the ovulation diet works.

Once the foundation has been laid, Dana next explains what Cervical Mucus is, and its role in helping you conceive the child you have always wanted.

Dana even explains the foods that will help you become more fertile. Best of all, she presents a few of the methods that have been tried and proven to help women get pregnant.

📚 Paperback: 24 pages
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Image: David Alexander, by Alex Barth on Flickr

Let me share my story!

My grandmother gave birth to my auntie when my grandmother was 46 years old.

Since my grandmother was so healthy, doctors said there was no reason she couldn’t carry the baby.

She had a very easy pregnancy, and birth, from what I heard.

And that birth happened over 40 years ago!

So no donor egg here!

Every baby is a blessing, and if the baby is loved and cared for, then who is to judge really?

I am firmly convinced you will be just fine.

From Infertility to Baby:
Your Guide to the Best Kept Secrets

by Jan Klein, Bridgette Lewinsky, Brian Andrews

-- Infertility is a serious condition affecting many lives of couples wishing so desperately to get pregnant.

The journey to overcome infertility has many stumbling blocks but it is also speckled with hope every step of the way.

This book is meant to be a powerful tool in taking action against your infertility and overcoming it.

It addresses some of the most common causes of infertility as well as the diagnostic process, which so many women fear.

Instead, you will feel empowered by the gain of knowledge within these pages as you learn about both medical and natural remedies - as well as the benefits of therapy when going at it alone is just no longer an option.

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Image: Helen Fielding is expecting 2nd baby at 48

Just read in the paper today Author Helen Fielding had her second baby at 48!

Life has mirrored art for Bridget Jones’ author Helen. Just like her heroine (played by Renee Zellweger), Helen became a mum in her 40s.

Helen, now 58 years old, had her son Dashiell at 43 but she was 48 years old when she gave birth to daughter Romy with her former partner, the American comedy writer Kevin Curran.

Some hope for us would be older mums, don't you think?

Read more: After Geri Horner gives birth, aged 44, other celebs who have had babies later in life

Image: Surprise Motherhood: A Guide to Unexpected Adult Pregnancy, by Ophelia Austin-Small. Publisher: Calla Lilly Press /; 2 edition (December 27, 2007)
Surprise Motherhood
Surprise Motherhood: A Guide to Unexpected Adult Pregnancy
by Ophelia Austin-Small

-- Pregnancy books on the market have one of two audiences - the teen with an unplanned pregnancy or the adult with a planned and chosen one.

Nowhere is there a book for the almost 3 million adult women facing surprise pregnancy every year.

Surprise Motherhood is aimed directly at that gap, telling the stories of Ophelia and other women who have faced unplanned pregnancy as an adult, professional women.

With extensive information about options, paternity, career issues, postpartum depression, finances, and more, Surprise Motherhood is the only reference of its kind, and is sure to be an invaluable reader resource.

📚 Paperback: 196 pages
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Image: Mud Puddle Girl, by Anita Peppers, on Morguefile

I know someone who got pregnant at 52 years old.

She wasn't trying to get pregnant, it was a total surprise!

She said her husband nearly fainted when she told him!

She had a great pregnancy, an easy birth, and a very healthy baby boy.

Since it happened so easily for her, she has decided to try for another baby now, and she is 54 years old.

I would not be surprised if it works for her again!

Good luck and best wishes to you!

Managing The Stress Of Infertility:
How To Balance Your Emotions, Get The Support You Need, And Deal With Painful Social Situations When You're Trying To Become Pregnant

by Carol Fulwiler Jones MA

-- Are You In Treatment For Infertility?
Do you get upset when you attend baby showers or go to malls full of baby strollers and pregnant women?
Do you feel like crying when friends or family ask a question like, Are you still trying to get pregnant?
Do you wish your husband would be more supportive and take a more active role in your fertility and conception treatments?
Are you spending too much time worrying about becoming pregnant?
Do you feel like your body has betrayed you every time you start your period?
Do you feel helpless, powerless, and out of control?

This Book Will Help You:
• Manage Your Emotions
• Get Your Husband To Be More Supportive And Involved
• Deal With Painful Social Situations
• Ease Your Frustrations
• Regain A Sense Of Control

📚 Paperback: 174 pages
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Image: Cute Baby Twins, by bensoneye on Pixabay

I was reading an interesting book, Fertility Wisdom: How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help Overcome In-fertility

In her book, she references a 50-year-old client who conceived twins naturally.

In an interview, Angela C. Wu was asked: You’ve helped many couples conceive — assisting women and men who were otherwise deemed fertility-challenged or even 'infertile' for one reason or another. Science loves statistics, any you can share?

Angela C. Wu replied: We see up to 200 new clients a year.

Last year, our clinic helped 79 women become pregnant — 39 women with support from Western reproductive technologies, and 40 women who conceived naturally.

Twenty-nine of our female fertility clients were over the age of 40, and 14 of these women conceived naturally.

Most had wondered if they would ever conceive at all.

From her website, Wu's Healing Centre:

Under Dr. Wu’s care, women with FSH levels of 65 have conceived naturally; women with levels as high as 118 have seen their FSH drop to 9.

Women up to 50 years of age have conceived naturally and carried babies full term.

Men have overcome sperm disorders. Fibroids have disappeared.

Women who have experienced multiple miscarriages, ovarian or tubal dysfunction, thin uterine lining, premature menopause, irregular cycles, endometriosis, and inexpiable infertility have delivered healthy, happy babies.

Fertility Wisdom: How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help Overcome In-fertility
-- At Wu's Healing Center in San Francisco, miracles are happening.

Women and their partners come to the clinic--often from across the country -- to fulfill a passionately held yet fragile dream: to conceive and deliver the healthy baby that mainstream doctors have told them they cannot have.

Using traditional Chinese medical techniques, sometimes integrated with Western fertility treatments, Dr. Angela Wu is helping these couples experience the miracle of birth.

At a time when one in five U.S. couples is struggling with fertility problems, this practical and uplifting volume, filled with the inspirational stories of Dr. Wu's grateful patients, will be a godsend.

📚 Paperback: 256 pages
Click to order/for more info: Fertility Wisdom: How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help Overcome In-fertility

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