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Fertility Monitors

DID YOU KNOW? A fertility monitor can maximize your chances of conceiving?

Studies have shown that one in two couples could be trying for a baby at the wrong time of your cycle. One of the easiest ways to increase your chances is obviously to find when you’re most fertile. Did you know that your two most fertile days each cycle are the day of ovulation and the day before?

You may also be fertile for a few days before ovulation, as your partner’s sperm can survive in your body for several days, so having sex on those days before ovulation can also result in pregnancy.

Clearblue Easy Fertility MonitorClearblue Easy Fertility Monitor
Taking conception to the next level, the Clearblue® Fertility Monitor maximizes a woman’s chances of conceiving a baby by identifying 3x more fertile days compared to traditional ovulation tests. The #1 brand recommended by OB/GYNs, this electronic, hand-held monitor tracks a woman’s personal cycle, detecting two key ovulation hormones: luteinizing hormone (LH) and estrogen. Using the two hormones, the device can pinpoint not only a woman’s 2 peak fertility days, but also 1-5 additional high fertility days prior to ovulation – for a total of up to 6 fertile days.
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At Home SpermCheck Fertility TestAt Home SpermCheck Fertility Test
-- The Gameta Spermeter Personal Tester provides non-invasive tests of sperm count/motility, which any man can perform in the privacy of his own home. The simple test provides a measurement of motile sperm concentration and velocity, known as the Sperm Motility Index (SMI). The greater the concentration and velocity of motile sperm present, the higher the SMI value. Testing is simple and quick, with the resulting SMI value being immediately displayed on a screen. To receive a Morphology evaluation the sealed sample (the capillary tube used in for the motility test) is mailed to Sperma Laboratory.
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OvaCue Fertility MonitorOvaCue Fertility Monitor
Pinpoint ovulation and increase your chances of becoming pregnant with the new OvaCue Fertility Monitor. The OvaCue is an advanced fertility monitor that enables you to predict ovulation up to seven days in advance! It's easy to use, over 98% accurate, and unlike other urine-based ovulation tests, there's no mess. That's because the OvaCue uses saliva samples to measure changes in electrolyte concentration (salinity). By detecting changes in electrolytes in saliva, which are caused by an increase of the hormone estrogen, OvaCue can predict when you will ovulate - the best time for you to conceive your baby.
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OV-Watch Fertility Predictor Starter KitOV-Watch Fertility Predictor Starter Kit
-- OV-Watch is a clinically proven, patented fertility predictor that is cleared by the FDA. It is a wrist-mounted, bio-sensing medical device that tracks a woman's individual body chemistry to find the 4 crucial days before ovulation-her most fertile days of the month. OV-Watch has a special processor and bio-sensor that takes readings from your skin every 30 minutes while you sleep. This advanced technology works differently from other ovulation prediction devices in that it tracks chloride ion levels as opposed to LH or estrogen surges.
It allows you to be able to fully utilize all 6 days of fertility- the four most crucial fertile days of a woman's cycle before ovulation and the time during ovulation. With OV-Watch, there are no messy, urine strips and no complicated charts. Just wear the watch at night while you sleep knowing that you will be alerted 4 days before ovulation, giving you plenty of time to plan multiple romantic interludes if desired.
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Lady-Comp Fertility MonitorLady-Comp Fertility Monitor
-- Trying to get pregnant? Can't take the pill? LadyComp is the best tool for supporting Natural Family Planning and the Fertility Awareness Method. Developed and manufactured in Germany, Lady-Comp has enjoyed tremendous confidence among women and their physicians as Europe's most trusted and recommended fertility monitor. A computer programmed with data from 700,000 cycles, the Lady-Comp sensor captures Basal Body Temperature and then analyzes, learns, and predicts the user's cycle with a 99.3% accuracy rate. With consistent compliance, the device indicates in-fertile days and provides insight into the fertile window of opportunity before, during, and after ovulation, and retains user data for each day of the previous nine months. No other fertility monitor has the capability to so easily and precisely support natural family planning and the Natural Fertility Awareness method.
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Pearly Ovulation MonitorPearly Ovulation Monitor
--  Pearly assists with safe, reliable and natural family planning. The Pearly fertility computer operates with the same advanced technology as the LadyComp but is designed for convenience in a pocket sized model.
  • LadyComp Technology - Portable and Compact
  • Reliable NFP - No Charting
  • Accurately Indicates the In-fertile and Fertile Days
  • Integrated Pregnancy Test
  • Easy to use, only 30 seconds/day
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Rabbit Ovulation Fertility MonitorRabbit® Ovulation Fertility Monitor
-- Rabbit® Ovulation Computer - Rabbit® will indicate in advance the days during which pregnancy should be attempted. Contains:
- Rabbit® Ovulation Computer
- Travel Case
- Batteries & Instruction Booklet
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