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Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Thursday, August 24, 2017 | 0 comments

Image: Newborn, by Joe Cheng, on Flickr
My 45 year old friend is happily expecting her first baby, after giving up on fertility treatments.

My husband's first cousin had a baby at 44 years old, and another baby at 45 year old - which was a surprise.

They thought she was too old too get pregnant, so they didn't use birth control - and voila!

My father told me about his own aunt who had a baby at 51 years old in Italy.

This was a loooong time ago as my father is 80 years old.

So there was no chance in h*ll that it was donor egg.

The fact is, before there was birth control and things like tubal ligation, women routinely gave birth into their 40's and no one batted an eye.

The birth rate for women in their 40's went down as soon as birth control became available.
There is a direct correlation.

What is different now is women are having their first child in their 40's, whereas long ago they would be having their 10th. That is the only difference.

But from what I've read there is no difference in fertility among women who have versus women who have not had children before.

I think the reason people make such a big deal about age now is that there was such a long period of time when the birth rate for women in their 40's was low - because that was their choice.

So people weren't use to the idea anymore.

Then you have the RE's [reproductive endocrinologist] beating us down with their statistics too.

A long time ago women didn't worry or think about statistics -they were too busy having babies!

Photo credit: Newborn,
by Joe Cheng, on Flickr
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